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Home Edition LLC. is specialized in real estate staging and organizing service. We provides a full range of services from staging, to organizing, to 3D scanning and photography. Whether your goal is to improve your home for living or to sell your property for top dollar, we are passionate about making your space comfortable, organized, beautiful, and inviting.

We understand sometimes life can be very stressful especially when you are selling a home. Our goal is more than just staging your home look good. We want you to feel good about the process. We strive to provide a high level of personalized service, whether you are a first time seller or established developer. Your satisfaction is our principal driver.

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Ada Pizon is the founder of Home Edition LLC., a real estate staging and home organizing firm. Ada is also a certified stager and a local real estate agent in California. She completed the KonMari Consultant seminar in London and is passionate about sharing this amazing organizing method.

She is originally from China where she worked as the advertising manager in several well-known international magazines such as Car and DriverELLEBetty Bossi, and City Weekend. She also worked for the Beijing municipal government media center during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She found her true passion as a home designer while working as a China regional manager for the largest American cookware company, Meyer Cookware. She displayed pots and pans as an art exhibition during their new product launching events.

As a marketing veteran and business woman, Ada understands the importance of vision. Everything she presents has to be of fine quality and visually appealing. Ada is born with a hard-working spirit but she never stops driving to improving herself.

Ada found calling in Real Estate because she believes there are a multitude of lifestyles and unlimited ways to live a better life.

In her free time, Ada loves to practice playing music on her Chinese zither and being around her two little boys. She teaches her kids about loving and giving through action. She truly believes nothing is impossible and never ever gives up.

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