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During Your 2 Hour Staging Consultation

  • Your consultation will arrive and get started right away. It's a fast paced two hours!

  • You'll start in the front yard and then move throughout the house.

  • Plan on taking notes. We cover a lot of information.

  • Have boxes handy to place items as we move through the house. Less work later.

  • We'll be focusing on showcasing the value of your property so understand our focus on making you money -- not decorating.

  • Great marketing photos is the goal.

  • We work with your timeframe and budget in mind.

  • At the conclusion, your head will be spinning. This is normal.

  • Your consultant will prioritize the items discussed in the "Top Ten List." This will keep you from being overwhelmed.

  • If there is time left in the two hours, we'll help you get started.

  • Remove any personal photos throughout the house.

  • If you have a large collection of something, pre-pack them.

  • Think about where you will store excess items and furniture.

  • Put away any one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable items.

  • Pre-pack paperback books and save some handsome hardback books.

  • Plants should be luscious and healthy. If not, replace them.

  • Pack away any items smaller than a cantaloupe. Save the rest in a "shopping center" area. We may use these items later.

  • If you are planning on donating furniture, wait until after we meet. You never know what can help us get your place ready.

  • Arrange for your pets to be safe during the consultation.

  • We move fast!

  • If there is more than one homeowner involved, it is helpful for both of you to be present.

  • Have extra light bulbs and lamps handy. Light = $$$!

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